Rare Earth
Elements Handbook

We aim to provide data on each of the elements, its uses and its contributions, especially in the world of technology such as medical technology, telecommunications, defense, electronics and so on.

Rare Earth Elements Handbook

Are you aware that there is a group of elements in the periodic table that is referred to as Rare Earth Elements or REE? These elements are composed of the fifteen lanthanides elements in the periodic table plus the elements of scandium and yttrium.

In this website, we aim to provide you with information on these elements, their properties and their significance. The entire point is to showcase to you why it is important to study these REEs.

First off, it is vital to understand that while REEs are named as such, they are not in fact rare as their name implies. REEs are actually abundant in the earth’s surface. You may not even realize it but you might have encountered REEs in the places you go to, even in your homes, your front yard or just outside your contemporary garage door in Wichita.

Rare earth elements are composed of the following:

  • Sc – Scandium
  • Y – Yttrium
  • La – Lanthanum
  • Ce – Cerium
  • Pr – Praseodymium
  • Nd – Neodymium
  • Pm – Promethium
  • Sm – Samarium
  • Eu – Europium
  • Gd – Gadolinium
  • Tb – Terbium
  • Dy – Dysprosium
  • Ho – Holmium
  • Er – Erbium
  • Tm – Thulium
  • Yb – Ytterbium
  • Lu – Lutetium

Know that these elements are very important in powering technology. In fact, the Japanese refer to these as “seeds of technology” while the U.S. Department of Energy dubs them as “technology metals.” These elements are crucial in the technological world, being used in electronics, green energy, telecommunications, medical technologies and even defense systems.

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