What is the purpose of the Rare Earth Elements Handbook?

The entire point of this website is really to provide information about rare earth elements so that people will understand what it is about as well as their uses. Another point is to showcase the contribution of rare earths to technology and to the modern world and how it helps make life easier.

What kind of information are available in the Rare Earth Elements Handbook?

There are various materials that we have made available here. You can visit the resources page to know more. But the entire point really is to produced condensed technical information in a way that is more understandable for lay people. We believe that it is not enough that researchers, academics, engineers and inventors know and understand the uses of rare earths. It is also important for lay people to have an appreciation of its role in the development of various technologies.

Why have you decided to feature rare earths?

We have decided to feature rare earths because we realized that there is not a lot of information about it and that people do not really understand what it is all about considering the fact that it has really contributed a lot to the development of various technologies.

Who are the people behind this Rare Earth Elements Handbook?

A group of researchers, engineers and academics are behind this website. We have been working with rare earths for a long time and have been developing various technologies through the help of this elements. This is the reason why we felt that we have the authority to talk about it and provide information about its use to mankind. We hope that you will be able to appreciate the work that we have put into this.