About Us

About us

Thank you for visiting the Rare Earth Elements Handbook. As the name implies, our goal here is to provide as much information as possible about rare earths. There are currently not a lot of people who know what rare earths are and its contribution to society. We aim to provide data on each of the elements, its uses and its contributions, especially in the world of technology such as medical technology, telecommunications, defense, electronics and so on.

In 1990, when we were researching about possible technological innovations, we have come across rare earths and discovered its varied uses. Fast forward to now, it is an important component of a lot of technologies to the point that the Japanese who have invented a lot of things have called them the “seeds of technology.” Indeed, if you break apart a lot of technologies, including your cell phones, among others, you will most likely come across more than one rare earth element.

So, in a bid to bring more awareness to its importance to a bigger group of people and not just to researchers, engineers, think tanks and so on, we have decided to create this website as a way of giving homage to these elements and showcasing to the world its importance.

This website also aims to provide information about rare earths in a manner that is understandable to a lay person. The goal is to condense all the technical information in a way that can be appreciated by the bigger population. In this way, they will able to appreciate more the contribution of rare earths to society as a whole.

We hope that you will get to appreciate rare earth elements and that you will be interested in it too. We also hope that you will be able to fully grasp its importance in today’s world.